Sussex based writer Roxy Freeman, has a wealth of editorial experience and an impressive portfolio of work.

With a passsion for anything editorial and an abundance of experience, Roxy effortlessly turns even the driest topic into absorbing material.

In the field of copywriting, Roxy writes SEO content that influences clients and increases traffic. She also scripts persuasive marketing material including newsletters and promotional copy. 

Roxy is the author of  bestselling memoir, Little Gypsy A Life of Freedom a Time of Secrets, published by Simon and Schuster and available in paperback, with an RRP of £6.99. To purchase please click the banner below. She is currently working on a cookery book with stories - watch this space.

"Roxy is a talented and compelling writer. I am confident she will go on to great things."


Completed contracts


"Fantastic book you me cry. You have had an amazing life. I feel privileged to have been given a snippet of your experiences"

Chris Kerss

"Really happy with newsletter and website content - both are fantastically written. Thank you."

Wired Monkeys

"Your childhood story made me imagine, think, cry and smile all in the same hour.Thank you"

Ivan Zelenic

"That was a very classy, informed and erudite piece of writing, in which you bring to life the subject in an objective, eloquent and entertaining fashion. Thank you"

Blog reader